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1. The first time I watched my favorite movie was at a midnight premiere with some coworkers. We saw Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and I didn’t go in with high expectations. I just assumed it would be another decent Batman movie. But I walked out of the theater so pumped and excited, I literally talked about how great that movie was for the next 2 weeks. I enjoyed the characters and the plot twists that I didn’t expect. It was well directed, well produced, and overall a great movie. I was thoroughly impressed which is difficult to do for me when it comes to movies.

2. I have not had my first kiss yet and I assume it’ll be perfectly awkward.

3. The person I’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

4. I don’t think I can say that there is one thing I regret most. I suppose I regret not saving more money when I first started working. It would have been wiser to do that instead of spending it on meaningless crap.

6. I’ve never had a “worst birthday” ??? or perhaps I have subconsciously blocked all memories of the bad ones.idk

7. My biggest insecurity has always been my weight. With my high metabolism, it is difficult for me to gain weight. Comments from family and friends are usually “you should eat more” “you need some meat on your bones” “do you ever eat” “you’re starting to fill out finally”, etc. It was exceedingly frustrating knowing that I ate (and still do eat) regular sized meals, 3 times a day, usually with snacks in between, yet they were questioning my eating habits.  A lot of my other insecurities stem from that. Being able to find myself and finally experience contentedness with my outward appearance has been harder than I thought and has taken longer than I expected. The end.

9. The little thing on my body that I like the most is something I cannot find right now. I’m still learning.

10. I don’t fight often with people. I think the biggest fight I’ve had was with my mom though and I honestly considered packing an overnight bag and driving to a family members house, I was so angry. It was a personal fight so I’m not comfortable sharing the details but I ended up sitting in my car for about an hour trying to calm down.

12. The worst dream I’ve had was one of Chick-fil-a. I was under my bed with a few of my coworkers and there was someone in a cow suit and it was pulling us out from under the bed or something along those lines. Dreaming about work is never a good thing tbh.

13. I have no idea what to expect my first time having sex as I do not want my past pornography use to influence my expectations of it. 

15. I have actually been most content with life in 2014. I got a new job, my relationship with God has been growing, I officially decided to apply for the DTS in England, this guy is amazing, and life is good. I have very few serious complaints.

16. I almost never go to parties because they don’t really appeal to me so I don’t think I have a memory of the best one I’ve been to.

17. I want to be friends with everyone. I just don’t naturally seek out friendships rather, I pursue friendships with those who are placed into my life if I feel there is a need.. I have many acquaintances, a few handfuls of friends.

18. I only went to public school for kindergarten and first grade (and my memories of homeschooling are hazy, at best) so something that happened in elementary school is that we read the book “Flat Stanley” and then we each got to make our own flat Stanley’s out of paper. I don’t know why I remember that but it’s an intriguing and very unrealistic book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

19. I don’t even know if I went to middle school because I literally remember nothing from it. (obviously I went to middle school, I just have a terrible memory when it comes to things like this)

20. This one time in high school, I thought a couple girls and I were friends because I sat with them at lunch a couple times and because one of them gave me a hug whenever she saw me by her locker and they were in my small group through church but they literally did not care about me at all and we’re still friends on Facebook but idk why.

thanks mysterious anon

5, 8, 11, 14 :)

5. The best birthday I’ve had so far was probably this last one. I didn’t do a whole lot to celebrate, it was just a normal day. I don’t really like making a huge deal of my birthday so I enjoyed it’s simplicity.

8. I cannot think of my proudest moment right now.

11. It is rare if I remember my dreams tbh so I can’t recall the best one I’ve had. 

14. The most memorable vacation I recall is my family’s cruise a couple of years ago. We went to the Bahamas and though it wasn’t largely different, it was cool for me to be there and see the small differences in the culture. Um, the boat was fun and we had a great time seeing shows and eating lots of food. For the entirety of the cruise, you have the same server at dinner and all of them are from different countries and backgrounds. It’s always intriguing to hear stories and basically build a relationship with them for the duration of your trip. I really enjoy that. The weirdest thing about cruises is that once you’re on the boat, you can’t tell that it’s moving. But once you’re back on land at the end, you can feel the swaying the boat was doing. True story.

sorry that my answers were a little half-hearted, you’re great, bye


Clingman’s Dome || And finally a shoutout to the Tennessee of Clingman’s Dome. 

Almost got hit trying to pull over for this sunset.


I like people who are learning to like themselves. Support people on the path to self confidence.


Clingman’s Dome || The vegetation up on top of Clingman’s Dome was insane. It’s a completely different world at 5,000+ feet. Not too many places on the east coast possess anything like it. 

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The glory of Jesus Christ is so great, just to love him will change you.
Timothy Keller   (via herkindoftea)
If you love deeply, you’re going to get hurt badly. But it’s still worth it.
C.S Lewis   (via thechristopherglen)